I finally decided to start this blog with the long time urging of some of my life long friends, as most of us have. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a fairly simple girl, with an obsession for vintage farmhouse finds, a passion for cooking, pretty little things and in my opinion a sense of humor that could make the world comedy tour. (yeah, probably not so much, but a girl can fantasize)  I’ve always had a passion for cooking, therefore my family and friends are often my test bunnies. (No one has died yet… at least not by accident..) You will soon find out that I don’t take myself too serious, and love to laugh. There is nothing about me that screams gourmet, perfect, or fancy schmancy. After all, I am just a misplaced farm girl/mom/wife/full-time job’er (yes, that’s a word in case you were wondering ‘Job’er’- one that works full time 🙂 ) 

Come with me as I share my love of food, decorating my home, baubles, dresses and shoes… and maybe even a little DIY project or two along the way!


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