Easy Peasy Doggie Popsicles 

This has by far been one of the warmest, and driest summers we’ve seen in the Seattle area in a long time (if not ever.. I mean, I’m no meteorologist…so take that with a grain of salt).  I know ..I know…this is no East Coast or Louisiana in mid August, but for us here, weeks on end before July 1st of 80 degree plus weather is NOT normal.  Allow me to paint a picture..  We are VERY green here, which means we get a lot of rain ( no it doesn’t always rain in Seattle) but we do see a lot of gray days leading up to mid July, which means cooler weather.  Now, this also means homes are not built with AC.  So, when we get abnormally hot summers… We die… We just die.. Because we’re big babies.   ( Simply my opinion folks… ).  Now, this got me thinking about my little furry buddy … Rufus P Griswald.  

Let it be known .. Little dude hates water… But it has been so hot that he has given in to laying in water when I ‘take him to the river’ ( little Al Green anyone?? Yes.. I have an old soul).  

So, in an effort to keep my little ‘shoobs’ ( don’t ask it just came out one day)  cool, I made him…. DOGGIE POPSICLES! (I said that like a super hero.. You just couldn’t hear me)  Folks, it doesn’t get much easier than this, and let me tell you .. A tenth of the cost of store bought anything.  

You will need:

Ice tray

Chicken Stock


Slice an apple thin top to bottom like, then cut those strips in half. Add to the ice tray, then cover with chicken stock.  Rufus is crazy about apples, as well as all kinds of vegetables, so really… The possibilities are endless here.  I have a couple with red bell peppers, and with sugar snap peas.  

Freeze these just like ice, and feed them to your furry babies outside!  

Rufus P Griswald says he approves. 

Love the little dude. 



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